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Award winning portrait photographer Felicia Schütte who is known for her exquisite, elegant studio portraits is bringing her signature style with flowing fabrics & flying dresses directly to you into the comfort of your luxurious private or vacation residence

-or on location and into the wild complementing Bonaire’s most famous locations, historical heritage or precious, hidden scenes.

"You haven’t been on Bonaire without a flying dress photo-shoot."

Enjoy this occasion exclusively by yourself or share the fun with up to 3 more girlfriends.

The go-to-experience for travelers - Imagine your "one of a kind souvenir" to take back home and feel the breeze.

Together we create imagery that remind us to respect and preserve Bonaire Blue Destination- Divers Paradise with it's

Marine Park, Ramsar sites, Historical Monuments, Native Culture and Nature.




Felicia Schütte Portrait is an international award-winning portrait photographer and achieved

“Accredited Portrait Master FELLOW” in 2021. She is one of the first 9 persons world wide to hold this title.

Felicia Schütte Portrait is offering highest and exemplary professional industry standards

complying with the rules and regulations of  the prestigious, nternational organization of

“The Portrait Masters”.

The studio is based on Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands,

A small island belonging to the BES-islands, next to Aruba and Curacao.

The studio is focused on up-scaled, personalized makeover portrait services.

Our clients are "the girl next door and "every day women and men"

- real persons just like you and me.


You get to experience a celebrity photo-session with add on professional makeover

And you will change the way you see yourself forever!

We focus on maternity, motherhood, contemporary portraits, boudoir

fine art portraits and personal branding which includes on request

advertisement, fashion, certain products and real estate.

Supreme portretfotograaf op Bonaire. The flying dress photoshoot een exceptioneel plaatje op het eiland met portretfotograaf Felicia Schütte, die bekend staat om haar prachtige en elegante studioportretten. photoshoot op de mooiste locaties van Bonaire. Tevens is er de mogelijkheid de shoot te verzorgen bij jouw thuis of op de vakantie locatie. Het is een unieke manier voor bruiden om in hun bruidsjurk gefotografeerd te worden. Wedding Bonaire. Trouwen op Bonaire. the wedding knot. caribbean wedding.  bonairenu

Bonaire Architect Bonaire Architekt




2012 - today

Owner + Ir. Architect + Town Planner @ creativEnvision.B.V.

Bonaire · Caribbean Netherlands

Appartement Complex • Belnem • Bonaire

Extension private Villa • Belnem • Bonaire

Urban Master-plan Housing Development Nikiboko P.D.

Double House Units Housing Development Nikiboko P.D.

Master-plan Eco Resort Rincon L.S. • Bonaire

Interior Concept, New Departure BIA, Flamingo Airport

6 units Apartment Complex for Bona Bista • Bonaire

2 Funeral Homes Olive Tree • Aruba

Housing Prototypes, Co-operation ERICis, Netherlands

Entry + Masterplan • Consuelo Memorial Cemetery • Bonaire

Luxury Habitat "EVDK" • Sabadeco Bonaire

Habitat "LS" •  Belnem Bonaire

Remodelling Private Habitat "JFVS" • Republiek Bonaire

Urban Masterplanning  City Center • Caribbean

Educational campus + school "FM" • Caribbean

Beauty salon with apartements "BBA" • Antriol Bonaire

Luxury Resort "EBR" Hotel + Suites • Caribbean

Double Houses "PD" • Bonaire

Extension + Rennovation private residence "HN" • Republiek Bonaire

Private Apartment "D&I" • Republiek Bonaire

Exclusive Pool design "RVDP" • Sabadeco Bonaire

Private Residence "CL" • Sabadeco Bonaire • cooperation Okhuijsen

Interior Design + furniture "EH" • Sabadeco Bonaire

Private Residence "JVS" • concept • Bonaire

Gouvernor Residence "G" • Bonaire • cooperation Jacobs Architekten

Douane • concept rennovation • Bonaire • cooperation Jacobs Architekten

Private Residence "H" • concept • Bonaire • cooperation Okhuijsen

Renovation Flamingo Airport • concept • Bonaire

Home Office "AVS" • concept + furniture • Bonaire

Reception Consuelo Memorial • concept + furniture • Bonaire

Bar Consuelo Memorial • concept + furniture • Bonaire

Remodelling Funeral Olive Tree • Aruba

Private Residence Belnem Villa LCS • Bonaire

Centrumsvisie Kralendijk • Bonaire

2006 - 2012

Ir. Architect @ streefkerk TEC

Bonaire · Caribbean Netherlands

TELBO Bonaire Renovation • Kralendijk • Bonaire

Centrum Jeugd + Gezin • Kralendijk • Bonaire

Openbare Ministerie • Kralendijk • Bonaire

Web n.v. • Antriol • Bonaire

Competition Brede School • Noord di Salina • Bonaire

Funeral Centrum “Consuelo Memorial” • Bonaire

Office complex Dentist Hagens + Streefkerk • Bonaire

Cruise Ship Terminal • Kralendijk • Bonaire

Research Center for Marine Biology + Shipyard • Bonaire

MNO Vervat Headquarter • Kralendijk • Bonaire

La Perla Bonairiano II Holiday Resort • Hato • Bonaire

Kooyman Megastore & DT• Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao

Vast Variety of Residential Dwellings + Villas • Bonaire

2004 - 2006

Freelance Architect + Managing Director of Tjin N.V.

Bonaire · Caribbean Netherlands

Vacation Complex • Belnem • Bonaire

Isla Masterplan Boedecker • Bonaire

Interior Concept IT Tjin N.V. • Bonaire

BIA Airport New Color Concept • Bonaire

2003 - 2004

Freelanced cooperation with “Keuper Baukunst International”

@ www.keuperinternational.deEssen · Germany

Urban Planning • Parksiedlung Düppenberg • Germany

Conversion/ Renovation Funeral Center • Germany

Psychiatric Day Hospital • Essen • Germany

2000 –2003

Ir. Architect @ “stegepartner architects + town planners”

Dortmund · Germany

ADAC Headquarters • NRW• 22.000 m² • Germany • 1st place

Office CYMED AG • 3000 m² • Bochum • Germany

Urban Planning Contest Neukirchen • 85 hectare • 1st place

Public Park Configuration • Paderborn • Germany • 4th place

Urban Planning Contest • Germany • 36 hectare • 3rd place


1993 - 2000

Graduate Engineer Architecture + Urban Planning

Technical University of Dortmund · Germany


Diploma: High Rise Building at Urban Port • Prof. C. Mäckler

Realization of Principals • Dortmund • Germany • 1st place

Soccer Stadium • Duisburg • Germany

Theater with Workshops • Essen • Germany

Multifamily Urban Dwelling House • Dortmund • Germany

Design of a new Urban District • Dortmund • Germany

High Rise Building for a Credit Institution • Germany

Villa with Music-Hall on a private peninsula

Museum • Bochum • Germany

Diverse Impromptu Concepts

International Summer Academy Venice · Italy

Prof. H.B. von Busse · Prof. Dr. U. Hassler · Prof. J. Sawade · Prof. Venturi · Prof. Dr. Slapeta

International Workshop Utrecht · Netherlands

Prof. F. Van Düsseldorp · Prof. G. Nalbach

Studies in Chicago  ∙  USA

Prof. J.P. Kleihues · Kleihues + Kleihues Architects

Int. Autumn Academy Neukloster · Germany

Prof. G. Nalbach · Nalbach Architekten

Studies Amalfitana · Italy

Prof. G. Nalbach · Nalbach Architekten

1987 - 1992

Technical Design Assistant

Wilhelm-Norman-Kollegschule · Academy in Herford · Germany

1987 - 1992

„Abitur“ Certificate (graduation diploma)

Wilhelm-Norman-Kollegschule · Academy in Herford · Germany